When you are taking someone on a first date, it is best not to get over your head. This is why you should look for fun, casual first date options. Bag the fancy dinner or carriage ride, unless you only have one shot to make this person like you, but in general it is best not to overwhelm your date. Some ideas are to go and get coffee somewhere, or go get a crêpe from a little bakery. Or, some more fun dates would include something like mini-golf or bowling where there is some interaction but you do not need to worry about filling every moment with conversation. Just keep it simple and have fun until you want to really go for someone.

Over the past few years, America has become enamored with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. This might be giving us some unrealistic expectations. Personally, I can’t afford to take someone on an extreme activity every single date, and sadly I don’t have 20 single people waiting for me when I come down the stairs. That kind of fairy tale beginning can’t be good for a healthy long term relationship.

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