Sex abuse covers more actions than one might think. It isn’t just trying to have sex with someone who doesn’t want it. In fact, many of today’s sexual abuse court cases are because offenders show their genitals to people who do not want to see them, or they say inappropriate things that make people feel uncomfortable. Sexual abuse by definition is doing anything towards someone that is sexually pleasurable for the offender. It is important you know what sexual abuse is, so that if it ever happens to you it ca be reported quickly. It doesn’t have to be tolerated.

Sex abuse is all over the news as well. In the past two days, I have seen five headlines regarding sex abuse, three of which involve youth group leaders and the other two had to do with inter-office relationships. It seems odd to me that so many old men get in trouble for sex abuse with teenage boys. I will never understand how or why they are into that, and I am glad they are getting caught everyday, too. Many sex offenders have turned to mySpace as well to target young kids. Just don't tolerate sex abuse in anyway.

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