Real estate investments are risky no matter what people say. A lot of land does just go up in value like the majority of people seem to think, but some land is grossly overpriced and may never be used while you are alive. This may scare some people, and it may be keeping a lot of people out of the market, however, you can find excellent real estate if you are diligent. It takes a lot of work to find a worthwhile investment and it should. There is no free lunch when it comes to real estate and the market in general, so expect to put a lot of thought into your investments if you are going to make any money.

Real estate has been in the news quite a bit too recently. In fact, many people still feel that real estate, especially commercial real estate, can still go down quite a bit. One market expert was quoted as saying the commercial real estate sector is a "Ticking Time Bomb," and in global news Dubai's largest real estate company posted a 69% drop in quarterly sales. Real estate really is risky, so buckle up your seat bealt.

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