Do you enjoy hooking your friends up with Mr. or Mrs. Right? Do you take pride in guiding your friends through the minefield of love with uncannily brilliant advice? Do you have a knack for setting up the most romantic of dates? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you may have a bright future in the love field.

Most of us like to be in love. The sweet nothings. The tender kisses. The stolen glances and telling looks. These all add up to a very exhilarating, pleasurable experience that most of us enjoy very much.
Some of us, however, thrive on helping others find the thrill of romance. They live to help even the most love-challenged of us find and keep that special someone. In honor of this Valentine’s Day, we present the following list of careers in love.
1. Date Doctor – This career, popularized by the 2005 movie Hitch, assists the romantically deficient in hooking up with the mate of their dreams. Part-therapist, part-coach, part-fashion critic, part-artist, date doctors must be absolute masters of the uncertain domain that is the dating scene.
2. Matchmaker – Although more prominent a few centuries ago than now, professional matchmakers still live among us, hooking up well-matched couples. In Asian countries like Singapore, matchmakers are employed by the government to promote social development.
3. Romance Therapist – These patient souls sit all day and listen to the romantic woes of others. They may deal with intimacy issues, squabbling couples, or hopeless non-romantics. Bring your patience, tough love, and a lot of tissues- you're going to need them.
4. Romance Travel Agent – These professionals specialize in setting up the perfect getaway for couples or singles. They know the best spots, hotels, restaurants, and deals. If you’re looking to make the most of a weekend with you and your sweetheart, give these guys a call.
5. Greeting Card Writer – Some people know just the right sappy things to say to get the tears welling, hearts fluttering, and love flowing, and they can be an enormous resource to those of us who don’t. These people write the cards that say exactly how we’re feeling but can’t put into words. They also write the cards we wish we thought of but know that our sweethearts will swoon over.


If these careers look like a good fit for you, go forth and spread the romance. And if anyone asks you what industry you work in, tell them, "I'm in the business of love."

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