Many people think of asthma as a disability that limits you from being an active member of society. This is not the case at all, in fact many people with asthma become professional athletes or really enjoy sports. For instance, Dennis Rodman has asthma, as did John F. Kennedy. Asthma shouldn’t prohibit you from doing anything someone without asthma can do. As long as you are prepared and keep an inhaler nearby, you should live life just like everyone else. Asthma is no fun, but there are worse things and you can still be in great shape with asthma.

An interesting idea that someone once came up with is the asthma camp. They are large camps that focus on helping young children see that they can be active and social with asthma. They learn that it isn't a life depriving illness. I thought it was sad that recently an asthma camp in Utah was shut down because the H1N1 virus had spread to many kids. What would be worse, having asthma or H1N1? My gut tells me the flu, but you'd have to ask the unfortunate campers.

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