This may just be my car, but do you ever feel like your car runs better when it is clean? Some weeks I essentially live out of my car, and it gets full of clutter and crumbs. Also, I do not live somewhere with an easily accessible hose or car wash, so for those reason my car gets dirty quickly. I don’t ever notice my car running poorly when it is dirty, but after I clean it, it seems smoother and like it runs better. I am sure the physical appearance has nothing to do with its performance, but mentally it seems like it runs a lot better. If you need a reason to clean your car, just tell yourself it will make it run better.

But wait! Don’t act too fast, because a lot of speculation about the cleanliness of your car and the likelyhood of it getting stolen is coming out. In fact, a recent report was realized stating that clean cars are almost twice as likely to get stolen. People who have clean cars usually take care of them better, both in regards to the interior and the overall car including the engine and what not, and this makes it much more valuable to resell. I am still going to clean my car, but just keep an eye on it from now on.

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