Some people have the best interior design that is never seen. This is because they are naturally disorganized people, or they are simply messy. When your house has a lot of clutter or just feels unorganized, no one will be able to tell how great you decorated it. Your masterpiece of a house may be hidden from the world’s view. This is another reason why it is important to keep your house clean and organized. With my family, we take about a half hour every other day and just clean and organize hard. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to stay organized if you stay on top of it, and that is the only way people will be able to see how nice your house is.

One of America’s favorite T.V. shows is Home Makeover, where a family gets their home redone. My favorite part is when they go in the house and show the before pictures and it is just filthy. Don’t you think instead of completely making over the home, they should simply clean it? It would be a lot cheaper, and it would be nearly as effective. Or just take the money and hire a house keeper to come every other week. I don’t think you need to tear apart your house to make it look nice, just pick it up a little bit.

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