If you are considering marriage, one of the most important things to do is take a marriage preparation course. Marriage is a whole new game, and if you aren’t ready your marriage could turn ugly quick. Marriage counseling courses are not for people who don’t love each other enough. They are for everyone! Marriage is a lot of hard work and it isn’t going to be one big love story. In fact, half of all the marriages done today will end in divorce. You can make sure you are part of the number that doesn’t get divorced if you agree to take some pre-marriage counseling courses.

One topic always up for debate is gay marriage. Should it be allowed, or shouldn't it be? Everyone has a different opinion, but in mine I believe that as long as two people make one another happy, I am all for it. If that ends in marriage, then so be it. Many of the nation's top officials are forced to take a stance one way or another, like in New York there is quite a stand off because of a bill going through their congress right now. Regardless, people, gay or not, should go through marriage preparation.

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