Most of our education comes from books. Our teachers and professors get notes and lectures from books, in addition to most of their test questions. Hopefully what you are learning is worthwhile, so you enjoy reading the text. Also, what you are learning is preparing you for a career. Therefore, your textbooks are essentially your guide to doing your job and succeeding in your field, which makes me wonder why so many people sell their textbooks back. What is the $20 you will get from selling your text worth in the long run? You should consider holding onto your books for the future when you will actually be practicing what you learned.

The practice of selling back books has never hurt campuses as much as it is recently though. An article was written a few days ago about two top Universities in Iowa that are nearly going broke because students are selling their textbooks back, but not to the book rather to online websites such as This is helping students save money, but it is hurting campus bookstores all across the nation, and this is forcing many campuses to encourage professors to keep changing books so students have to purchase books from the bookstore.

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