Scheduling meetings for multiple people is hard. Especially when you all do not work together and so you have extremely different schedules. However, there is an online service that has proved to be very useful. The website is It is essentially an online secretary that can help arrange everyone’s schedule. It makes it extremely simple to create an online poll with certain times, and then you send out a link to everyone you would like invited. Everyone simply clicks yes or no for each time, and then everyone can see when most people are available and schedule the meeting for then. It is a simple and effective tool.

This is a great program for people like myself, but I can’t actually see it working once you get into the celebrity realm. For instance, Dwayne Wade and Pat Reilly of the Miami Heat are trying to set up a meeting to talk about a contract extension. They are having a hard time getting together because they have very different ideas in terms of where the Heat should go. Maybe Pat should just send Dwayne a invite. Who knows, maybe it will work its doodle magic and the Heat can resign Dwayne Wade.


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