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A list of America’s Top 5 Fastest-Growing Job Markets has just been released, which should get lots of recession-phobes ready to pack up the moving van and move to the promised land.

But have you ever thought of the bitter irony of such lists? They list metropolitan areas with lots of well-paying jobs. Millions see the list, think they’re the only one to see it, and descend on these El Dorado’s of employment. The result: these once comfortable job markets become rather un-comfortable, virtual feeding frenzies. It’s kind of like the Gold Rush. It must have been great to be one of those guys alone at Sutter’s Mill. But once word got out, you had people fighting for every scrap, lawlessness, dysentery- all bad things.

My suggestion: don’t trust the lists. Do your own research. Put out applications if you want. Don’t move without a job offer in hand. Chances are these fast-growing job markets will not be fast-growing for long.

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  • I particularly love your cartoon. I live in the SLC Metro area, and our job market is completely saturated. The last I checked, Utah is #7 in the nation for home forclosures, and on my block alone are 5 breadwinners who have been laid off. My husband just found a job with the government (taking a huge pay cut) after 9 months unemployed. So, consider this a shout-out to anyone considering coming to Zion: don’t!

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