In continuation of Wired’s March article on sidekicks, I felt moved to write on the plusses of being a sidekick. After all, it’s not that bad of a career. True, sidekicks are usually given the weaker wardrobes to make their star partners look better, they don’t get the girl, and they typically have zero say in what happens, even if it means charging into certain doom. Before you count out sidekicking as a career, however, consider the following perks:

1. Zero accountability – What’s the first rule of leadership? Everything’s your fault. Sidekicks don’t call the shots, therefore they have no accountability. If Batman accidentally incinerates Gotham’s west side in a fiery blast, everyone’s going to come down hard on the Dark Knight. Robin can make a quick exit to Metropolis or something.
2. Less angst – Most A-list superheroes have turned to brooding as of late. Their parents were killed. They never knew their home planet. Nobody appreciates them. Whatever the reason, they sit for hours on darkened rooftops or fortresses of solitude pondering the weight of their callings. Makes for a pretty dreary personal life. This is not so for sidekicks. Sidekicks tend to be more chipper, less weighed down with grief and stress.
3. Fashion freedom – Being a headliner puts a lot of pressure on you to look the part. The public expects conservative, masculine, not too showy. This makes for limited fashion options. Sidekicks, who are already kinda funny and cute by nature, are free to wear whatever they want. If Robin wants to dress like he’s headed to Mardi Gras, nobody cares. If Supergirl wants to change from a spandex bodysuit to a sassy white t-shirt and skirt, nobody gives a hoot. Some sidekicks like Pepper Potts and Jimmy Olsen just go casual.
For those now convinced of the awesomeness of being a sidekick, take a look at this gallery of some other great sidekicks:
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