Internet marketing is an advertising form that is being completely dominated by younger generations. The Internet wasn’t around when most senior level marketing managers where getting their degrees, so it is easy to see why they missed the boat. In addition, young people are seeing how important search engine optimization is. One company has started a contest to find out who is the best at SEO and they are offering both jobs and scholarships to the winners. SEO is one of the newest and fastest moving trends in todays business and marketing world.

Bing is changing the landscape of SEO though, and people who only understand how to use Google to SEO are going to fall behind. I like using Bing, but I am so used to Google I doubt I will change in the near future. Bing is the next generation of the search engine though, and Google will have to catch up, just like older people need to catch up to younger people in terms of SEO.

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