You may think that background checks are for high level FBI and CIA agents only, and that you or I couldn’t ever get one on a potential employee or babysitter. This is not true, and anyone can get a background check performed on anyone else. In fact, you can usually get the results the same day, and it is very affordable. The key to making all of this happen at “light” speed compared to the old days is the Internet. There are hundreds of companies online that perform background checks. So next time you are looking to hire a new babysitter or employee, get a background check online.

Some people just seem sketchy. I got a background check done on a woman my friend was dating just for fun, and it turned out she had been to jail. Dirk Nowitski, a NBA basketbll player, recently had a huge fiasco with a woman who, as it turned out, only wanted to get engaged and divorced just to steal his money. She had done it to two or three other celebrities. Think if he had gotten a background check?

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