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Higher education has a way of saving the very worst for last. You get through the volley of midterms, quizzes, and papers, scathed but not beaten. Just when you’re ready to grab your diploma and enjoy the fruits of your labors, they throw one last wave of projects and finals at you.

I am in the midst of that barrage as we speak. Last night, I got only three hours of sleep. The night before, I got four. At this rate, I’ll be a drooling, bloodshot-eyed zombie by the end of the week, neither living nor dead. So, if you’re wondering where the clowns with chainsaws and Mario Bros. scenery came from, let’s just say it’s the after-effect of large doses of caffeine combined with a pitiful lack of sleep and extreme stress levels.

College is great! All of you students who can feel my pain out there, sound off and let us know how it’s going in your neck of the trenches.

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