A new trend among dermatologists is to prescribe forms of antibiotics to prevent acne and make your skin better. Acne has to do with bacteria on your face, and so antibiotics can reduce your acne significantly. I have been taking antibiotics for my skin for about three years now, and have loved it. I am sure not everyone is a candidate for these drugs, but if you meet with your dermatologist and are having skincare problems, you should ask about drugs like Doxycycline to prevent breakouts. They can help tremendously and they are easy to use, all you do is take a pill!

On a sidenote, I read an article about the rise of infections from tattoos. Antibiotics that also treat acne are being used to treat tattoo infections as well. Is it just me, or does taking a pill to help your skin seem odd? You would think that creams would be much more effective, but I guess I am mistaken. I don’t understand the science, but I sure am happy it works.

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One comment on “Skincare Struggles: The Antibiotic Answer

  • You can also help to heal your back acne faster by using natural medication. Some of it would be tea tree oil and aloe vera. Tea tree oil consists of anti bacterial and anti inflammation properties that can help cure acne and they provide great results. Applying aloe vera cream on back pimple can also help to improve the healing rate.

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