Disintegration | Online Colleges

Is it just me, or are good jobs getting harder to come by? I have been in the midst of a job search for the last few months and have grown accustomed to checking job search sites, skimming the classifieds, and working the network. In the last few weeks, however, I have noticed a troubling trend. It could just be my recession-phobic imagination, but it looks like the good jobs are disappearing. Sure, you can always find a job as a customer service rep in some call center or as a security guard scanning irate travelers at the airport. But with food and gas prices skyrocketing, who can live on $10 an hour? What is happening to all the jobs for people who are looking for high salaries and challenging tasks?

Get ready for the job market to get tougher. The days of having your pick from multiple job offers: gone. The days of being able to get away with flimsy experience: finished. The days of being forgiven for interview errors: history.
It is time to burnish that resume until you can see your mug smiling back at you. It is time to practice those key interview tactics with flawless precision and accuracy, until your face aches from smiling and your brain throbs from strategizing. Yes, only the very best will survive in this new job market.
So, what are you waiting for? Don’t just sit there reading this post. You have work to do if you want to avoid the unemployment line.

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