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Wait, let me rephrase that: cheaters are stupid. You go to school to learn and to gain credibility through attainment of a diploma, so you can hold it up to a prospective employer and say, “Yeah, I’m legit.” Post-high school, people actually pay money for this opportunity. So it doesn’t make any sense when you hear of cheating becoming so prevalent in today’s universities. That’s like buying lunch, throwing it in the trash without eating it, and then showing off the receipt just to show that you ate there. Like I said: stupid.

There are a thousand sorry excuses out there about why cheating is happening and even why it is more acceptable now. So-called experts will claim that it shows a greater level of intelligence when students find “shortcuts.” Relativists will assert that constructs like test rules are outdated and that kids can’t be expected to obey those archaic things.

Just to show how foolish these arguments are, let us take a quantum leap into the future where these kids are running the businesses, homes, and government of America. Imagine, if you will, these kids finding “shortcuts” to providing for their families. Imagine them deciding that the laws of our society, like driving on the right side of the road, selling drugs, and not hurting others, are outdated and that they shouldn’t have to follow them anymore. Pretty scary.

Picture them at the workplace without even a foundational knowledge of the concepts they will need to be successful. When it comes to cheaters, you really have no guarantee that they will do anything they say they will do or that they will follow any rules.

Given the frightening consequences of tolerating cheating, schools and parents need to take action now to teach the valuable lesson that cheaters never prosper.

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