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College just doesn’t mean what it used to. One need only look to the recent drug bust at San Diego State to see this point driven home. Forget about discipline, higher learning, and character- college has become a big party. Colleges put students through rigorous admission processes only to let them run rampant once they get there. The result: a college diploma- especially one from San Diego State- doesn’t stand for anything.

College administration, parents, fraternities and sororities, and the students themselves are all to blame for this. Research has shown dramatic increases in alcoholism, illegal drug use, casual sexuality, and criminal behavior among U.S. college students. Keep in mind: these aren’t the gang members or high school dropouts or kids who hold up liquor stores. These kids are the cream of the crop, those who got high enough grades and test scores to get into four-year universities.
College administrations have lost their nerve when dealing with problem students. Maybe they are afraid to lose financial donations from proud parents. Maybe they are afraid to put a public black mark on their university by highlighting student rowdiness. Maybe they’re afraid to quell student individuality. Whatever the reason, their lax standards of conduct are steadily eroding any confidence in the quality of their institutions.
Fraternities and sororities have become laughable in the contradiction they represent. Check out this mission statement from Theta Chi, one of the fraternities embroiled in the San Diego State drug bust:
Theta Chi Fraternity exists to serve a need for young men of character, principles and ideals to associate with each other. Our chapters and colonies are laboratories for leadership. Our undergraduates grow, mature and develop through interaction with other outstanding young men.
Character? Principles? Ideals? When I read the phrase “laboratories for leadership,” the first things that came to mind were meth labs. Other fraternities involved claim to promote high ethics, community service, and positive contributions to the world and society. These mission statements are so far from the binge parties, hazing, and criminal behavior they have come to represent. These organizations no longer foster personal growth; they are just clubs, maybe gangs.
Lastly, these kids’ parents are clueless. In many cases, these students are funded by their parents. Their parents have the power to yank their misbehaving behinds out of college whenever they want. So why don’t parents crack down on or even seem to notice this behavior? Who knows? Fear of how it would look. Fear of making their kids angry. Fear that their kids will never go back to school if they pull them out. The old proverb goes, “Spare the rod, spoil the child.”
College administration, fraternity and sorority leaders, and parents need to grow a spine. These kids are out of control. And if you won’t control them, the law will, and it will end up with your kid sitting next to a cellmate named Leroy, flushing whatever chance they had at a successful career down a nasty prison toilet. Until you do give them boundaries, all of the diplomas and awards you could hand out to them are for naught.
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