Here at Classes and Careers, we like to do something crazy every now and then (call me wacky, and I hope this doesn’t offend anybody, but nobody talks about education all the time). We have our contigent here of Star Wars fans. One day, we began to muse about the advantages of having Jedi powers in the modern workplace. Then, we regret to admit, we ventured into the Dark Side. "What if," we asked, "one of those socially challenged programmer guys was actually a Sith apprentice, a la Darth Maul or Anakin Skywalker? And what if his bullying supervisor overstepped his boundaries?"

In this Star Wars parody, the Emperor’s latest apprentice, Herbert, uses the Dark Side of the Force to get rid of his supervisor. For anyone who’s ever wanted to cut loose on their boss, this one’s for you. And, no, this video does not represent some deep-seated desire to punish our boss. Where would you get that idea?

If for some reason you cannot see the video below, go here: Star Wars Office Humor










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