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We, the male population, had it coming, I suppose. After centuries of keeping women down with often unfair social mores and sometimes ridiculous fashion demands, we had to expect that someday there would be a backlash, that one day the “fairer sex” would come out swinging, eager to dispel those centuries of oppression. Well, newsflash for all you guys out there and congratulations to all the ladies: that day has arrived.

Women are officially kicking boys’ butts in the classroom. That’s right, the ivory towers once inhabited almost solely by men have been invaded and repossessed by women. According to statistics, 60 percent of college students are now female. Women earn 170,000 more bachelor degrees annually than their male counterparts. The ratios of females to males at business and medical schools are steadily rising, and at law schools, women now hold a majority. Meanwhile, increasing numbers of boys from elementary to high school are struggling to meet minimum requirements.
Where did this trend come from? A few theories exist. One claims that females, who tend toward cooperation, collaboration, multi-tasking, and sitting quietly, are socially better suited for the traditional school system; boys, who crave adventure, competition, and physical activity, tend to be square pegs in round holes, so to speak, in school. Other theories suggest that the feminist movement, with its constant barrage of “girl power” messaging, and the relative silence from the male side is responsible for this dramatic shift. For nearly 40 years now, girls have had armies of supporters telling them they carry the torch for those who didn’t have the chances they did. Boys, on the other hand, have had very little to fight for; encouragement usually involves athletics rather than academics.
Two bastions of male domination still remain, however: management and salary. Males still vastly outnumber females in management roles. Average male salaries in comparable positions uniformly outpace those of their female counterparts.
It may just be a matter of time before those women who now fill universities spread into the companies of the world. It may just be a matter of time before women come to dominate business, politics, and life as we know it. It may be just a matter of time before men find themselves wearing really uncomfortable corsets and having to watch their figures. (Kiss your 32 oz. steaks and belching contests goodbye!)
All of Mom’s advice about being nice to girls totally makes sense now. Back then, it was about chivalry. In the future, it may be about survival.
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