Choosing a college or university is a major decision. Where you attend college can have a drastic effect on your life, career, education, relationships and future. Think about it – attending college in one state vs. another state would mean that you would likely meet a completely different group of friends, associate with completely different people day-to-day, follow different curriculum, and be offered different interviewing/career opportunities. It is also likely that you may even make different decisions regarding your major or area of study. If you end up really enjoying one program at one school, it's not unlikely that at another school, you may not have enjoyed the major and decided to change. So, even your entire education and career path could be influenced by your choice of school.

College is a time of change for most students. Given the level of change, and given the fact that it is such a major decision, the key is to take time to evaluate your options. Making an informed decision can only help you weed out any schools that don't fit your needs. When you have narrowed down your college and university options, you can then take a closer look at what school will best offer you the things you want in a college or university. And in the end, perhaps the best advice is to just go with what feels right.

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