A food group that I often find to be neglected by the average person is vegetables. I have recently grown to love them, which is great because they are so healthy. A lot of people do not enjoy them as much as me, but since they are necessary to any healthy diet, it makes sense to incorporate them into meals. In fact, studies now show that the more colorful a variety of vegetables you eat, the more nutrients you get. That’s because of the phytochemicals, or phytonutrients, in vegetables. Every different color contains a different type of phytochemical, which work to reduce stress, prolong your life, and fight illnesses.

Not long ago I wouldn’t touch vegetables, and then I started to add them into pastas and sauté them with meals. Their intense taste seems to be more acceptable to the person who dislikes vegetables when they are sautéed or mixed in a dish. I love them added to a pasta sauce or casserole, and now I even eat them raw!

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