The decision of where to attend college is significant. Students have the option of attending a 4-year university, a college, a trade school, or directly entering the work force and pursuing a career. There are a lot of options available. For many highschool graduates, community colleges are a perfect fit. Here are some of the benefits:

Community colleges often cost lest. Lower tution can enable some students to further their education when they would otherwise head straight into a career. Location is also a huge benefit, since many community colleges are located within close proximity to where a high school grad already resides. This can also help save additional costs since money for housing, travel, etc. are eliminated. Students are also more likely to be able to maintain their current jobs, since the majority of community college students work part-time or full-time. And, consequently, community colleges almost always offer a wider range of class schedules – including night classes, online classes, and other options to provide flexibility for working students.

By attending a community college, students have the opportunity to gain additional schooling, earn their associates degree, or improve their grades, all of which can help them get accepted into their university of choice. Many students attend a community college and finish up at a 4-year college or university.

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