The best places to watch a college game are those that have enough space for everyone who wants to attend, yet at the same time are crowded enough to provide all the jostling, cheering elbow-to-elbow excitement fans expect.

They should also have a surplus of mouth-watering, cholesterol-spiking edibles like hotdogs, nachos, popcorn, pretzels, etc. And don’t forget the drinks. Beer on tap is the best way to go, especially if the venue lets you double-fist it.

Sports bars are a great place to go if you can’t attend the college game in person. Choose one with comfortable booths that give you full range of all of its televisions (and it should have plenty). Make sure the game of your choice is playing on at least one of those TVs, or request it beforehand. Invite your friends, order some burgers and fries, and prepare to cheer for your favorites.
Another great place to watch a college game is on your living room couch, surrounded by friends, with the barbeque grill working overtime on the patio. Make sure you get the right channels for the games you want to watch, double-check the times, arrange for enough seating for everyone, and divide up the grocery list among everyone who’s coming.
If you are close enough to a sports arena to attend the college game in person and you’ve already scored some tickets, make sure to arrive early enough to find a good parking spot or consider taking public transportation.
Here’s a list in USA Today on January 18, 2008, from author and sports commentator John Feinstein, about the best places to watch college games:
10. Cassell Coliseum (Virginia Tech)
9. O’Connell Center (University of Florida)
8. Mackey Arena (Purdue University)
7. Hart Recreation Center (Holy Cross)
6. University Arena (University of New Mexico)
5. Rose Hill Gym (Fordham University)
4. Pauley Pavilion (UCLA)
3. Allen Fieldhouse (University of Kansas)
2. Cameron Indoor Stadium (Duke University)
1. The Palestra (University of Pennsylvania)
What are your top picks for places to watch a college game?

The Palestra

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