What’s wrong with the BCS?

There are many reasons why the BCS is a flawed system, or in the words of many of my friends, there are many reasons why the BCS sucks.
The first, and most important reason, has to do with the fact that the BCS, or Bowl Championship Series, doesn’t feature the best football teams. Instead, the teams that typically play in the series are chosen by computers, the ill-informed USA Today Coaches’ Poll and the equally-ignorant Harris Poll.
Year after year, the flawed system chooses teams to play that are not one of the top two teams in the nation (which, arguably, should be the only teams allowed to play in a championship, right?). Hawaii, which finished the season 12-0, was nowhere to be seen, while Georgia, with two losses and no conference division title under its belt, did get included.
Fans everywhere were outraged, and many vented their frustrations to the NCAA to no avail. It seems the BCS’ ridiculous methods will continue this year as well, and people are already trying to guess which teams will be chosen.
Some of the “way-too-early” predictions from the BCS website include:
Wisconsin vs. USC for the Rose Bowl
Georgia vs. Virginia Tech for the Allstate Sugar Bowl
Missouri vs. West Virginia for the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl
Clemson vs. Texas Tech for the FedEx Orange Bowl
Ohio State vs. Florida for the FedEx BCS National Championship
What are your top picks going into the season, and how upset will you be if the BCS messes up your team’s chance to play in a championship?
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