Are you concerned about the environment? How about your wallet? Taking classes online may be just the solution.

The classes themselves may not be any less expensive than actually going to college, but there are tons of other ways that you’ll save money.
1.) We have everything we need virtually, including an education. When you take classes online, there’s no need to handouts or taking notes in a notebook. The amount of paper one goes through in a semester of college is unbelievable; as well as unnecessary. Many companies are now going “paperless” in an effort to curb their waste produced. All their files are electronic. So, not only are you saving paper, and helping the environment, you will also be preparing for your career while at college. Get comfortable going to college “paperless” and you’ll make the transition to your job effortlessly.
2.) You don’t have to live anywhere in particular. I paid over $2000/semester when I lived on campus. Two grand for a tiny little dorm room, half the size of a normal bedroom; and shared it with a roommate. You can take classes online from anywhere. Live at home, share a house with friends, or travel the world. As long as you have access to the internet, you can be “in class.”
3.) You may be thinking, I can live at home and commute to school. You’re right, you can, but then you’re wasting gas and paying for it. Who knows when gas prices are going to stop rising? With online classes you don’t have to go anywhere. It’s better for the environment, and you’re saving money.
4.) Time is money – online classes are time flexible; you can take them whenever you want. Study and “go to class” a little every day, or sit down a few weekends and do a semester's worth of work, it doesn’t matter. So, it’s easy and convenient to get an online degree and still work full time, travel, or whatever else your little heart desires. Not needing to leave the house means you don’t have to worry about what you look like. You don’t have to waste time “getting ready” No one sees you at “class” when you study online. Save time – save money.
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4 comments on “Why Online Education is Better for the Environment…And Your Wallet

  • There are definitely cost and time savings associated with opting for an online degree instead of going to class every day. There are also associated costs, including a dedicated internet connection available wherever and whenever you need to study. In the end, the online option is far cheaper, though, so if you’re enrolled in an online program from an accredited school, you’re in pretty good shape.

  • I’m singing the praises of this great article. I’m a devout environmentalist and have been an online student for the last year and a half. Just cutting out a daily commute to a college campus can be instrumental in itself!

    all the best

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