Jennifer Hudson is an Oscar winner and former American Idol runner-up. She lives in Chicago, but according to some sources, she has not set foot inside her house since late October. The reason, as most of you have heard, is because on October 24 her mother and brother were slain inside the home, while her nephew was found a few days later in an abandoned car. It is hard to imagine that Hudson had tried to persuade her family to move out of the very violent area in Chicago, but her mother said no.

Hudson was clearly aware of the turmoil in the south side of Chicago, but even with the fame she had earned she could not get out of its reach. Moving away from where you grew up or where you raised your family is not something that is done easily, but knowing that any day something unbearable could occur had to help motivate her. However, this could have happened anywhere, so it isn’t worth thinking of all the what-ifs. The primary suspect is Hudson’s sister’s estranged husband, and had they moved to a better part of Chicago, the husband most likely would have tracked them down there too.
For that reason, it is sad that Hudson is taking the blame upon herself. It would be unbelievably hard not to, and I cannot say that I would not either, but I hope that one day she can forget the what-ifs and not feel guilty. She will always wonder if it would have saved her mother, brother, and nephew if they had moved, but she will never know. When a personal tragedy strikes anyone, there will always be the what-ifs, and that is simply out of our control. We did the best with what we could do, and you truly cannot ask anything more of yourself. Hopefully Jennifer Hudson will be able to recover from this and the memory she has of her family will not be shaded by guilt.
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