College is expensive; there’s tuition, books, rent, food, beer, etc. Being short on cash can add to your stress level and make for a miserable existence. Here is one piece of advice I have to help you save some money: Never, never, never buy your text books. You may think I’m crazy but hear me out. In most colleges, professors are required to have their textbooks on reserve at the library. You won’t be able to check the textbook out of the library but it is available to you. You can do all of your reading and studying in the library without buying the book. Also, find out if any of the local public libraries have the textbook you’re looking for. This has saved me hundreds of dollars every semester.

My next piece of advice has to do with food. Don’t buy your food on campus. It may seem like it’s cheap but trust me, you can make and pack a more cash-friendly lunch at home. When I spend the entire day on campus, I pack a lunch and various snacks. Stop going to Starbucks in the morning as well. Why haven’t you invested in a coffee maker? Four dollars every morning for an entire semester adds up to $300! Make your coffee and home and take it with you. If you need a pick-me-up during the day you already have your to-go mug, refills are always cheaper than a new cup.

Finally, get involved. There are so many different clubs and organizations on campus. Some of them are very important to your career path after graduation, others help you build a nice resume buy offering service projects. If you’re new on campus, clubs are a great way to meet new people. Pick a group that participates in things you are interested in. Trust me, if you like it there is an organization out there for you.

In closing, enjoy your time in college. Study hard, laugh a lot and don’t be afraid to try new things!

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One comment on “My Advice When Going to School

  • Good advice.
    Since a lot of students are aware of the professor’s books being in the library, sometimes it’s hard to find a time when the copy is not already being used. Another way to save money on books is to buy them used online, then sell them again after the semester ends. Even if a new edition is released, often smart students are willing to buy the older edition (because the changes are usually minimal.)

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