Why do professors take roll?

In almost every course the professor requires that we be present in class and, to make sure we are, takes roll and awards points accordingly. This logic baffles me. Students pay a lot of money to attend college; we are, by all intents and purposes, adults. Why should any of us be penalized if, for whatever reason, we decide not to show up to class? Anyone who has gone to college has had at least one professor that lectured almost word for word out of the text book. What, then, is the advantage of attending that course if you can read the textbook?

Recent studies have shown that class attendance bears no reflection on grades. It is widely known that people learn at different speeds and in different manners. For some, reading texts is the only way to procure knowledge; others find lectures the key to their grades. So if I absorb information better by reading the text at home, what is the advantage for me to attend class?

As I am an adult I decided to approach one of my professors, who happens to be my age, in an attempt to discover why they had chosen to apply this rule. I got no justifiable response. I started to wonder if the reason was related to the professor’s ego. Perhaps professors need to have a full classroom to feel they are performing their duties as an educator correctly.

No matter what the answer I feel I am wasting valuable time in certain courses. In what other institution do you pay for something then be penalized for not attending?

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One comment on “What take attendance?

  • This is quite sloppily written – illogical statements and complete lack of documenation to support the author’s position. The author refers to “studies prove there is no connection between attendence and grades” – but then the author neglects to CITE the study to back up this allegation. I got the feeling the author is in dire need of PHYSICAL ATTENDENCE in writing classes to learn how to compose stronger essays. Where is his documentation about the “recent study”. This is a red herring.

    After reading this poorly composed post, I wonder WHY this person even bothers to attend college? If you are not present in the class – you won’t learn anything. I have 3 degrees and am working on my 4th degree. I can assure you it is quite rare for a professor to lecture straight out of the textbook. I had many professors who gave handouts in class, many of my teachers gave Power Point presentations in class, or the teacher had the class break up into small groups and work independently in class on projects. Many of my instructors had students give oral reports – or the teacher showed films – or we had a special guest speaker who was an expert on the subject we studies.

    All of these things would be missed if you don’t show up for class.

    There is also the issue of “Contact Hours” which need to be completed in order for a college to maintain it’s accreditation. If a college wants to be an accredited institution and also eligible for federal and state financial aid, they MUST make students have their fanny in the classroom chair for a set amount of “Contact Hours”.

    If you don’t want to attend in-person class – then try “Distance Learning” watching the class on cable TV public access channel. You could also do online classes.

    If you are studying science – you need to be IN PERSON to do lab classes. If you are studying a foreign language you need to be IN PERSON attending class to HEAR correct pronunciation. If you are taking a Speech class you have to be in the class in person to do public speaking oral reports. If you are taking drama/theatre classes – how could you learn acting if you aren’t in class in person?

    I’ve taken online classes to study computer skills – and that was done 100% over the internet – the only class we attended was an Orientation meeting to go over logistics of online learning.

    Sounds to me like the person who wrote this article is a lazy person – who just wants to skate through college and party.

    The author refers to his “time being wasted” – well, if you are a college student – you are SUPPOSED to attend class – but this fellow thinks that is a “waste of time”.

    Maybe he needs to go to trade school to learn a high tech blue collar skill. Some people simply do not enjoy studying, reading, attending class – I don’t want to stigmatize or make pejorative comments about those kind of students. Those kind of students would be probably more interested in a “hands on” type of learning environment and complete a trade school education in a high tech type career or highly skilled blue collar trade.

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