I’d like to learn another language, but I do not want to take it from a college or some other class. I do not have time to fill out assignments and show up everyday for a set class time. Many people feel this way when it comes to learning a second language. There is still an option for you if you can relate with those concerns, and that is a software/voice recognition program like Rosetta Stone. These programs are not cheap, but they can help quite a bit, especially if you are only looking to be able to speak the language and you aren’t too worried about being academically fluent.

This may be something we should all consider, and quickly. Recent studies have shown that American's are the least likely and the least able to learn a second language. This is fine while we are a world dominating power, but unfortunately that could change soon. Many of today's elementry schools are emphasizing a second language much more than they were, say, ten years ago. Everyday a news story comes out about how we will fall behind in the economic world war if we don't globalize and learn other languages, so buy a language program and start today.

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