Here comes the wave of job losses! With the exception of one state (Colorado), Moody’s is projecting negative job growth across the country. Of course, some states will be harder hit than others. Some you may be able to guess (i.e. Big Five Auto states like Michigan); others may be a surprise.

If you have been wondering about how the recession is going to affect your state, check out this list of the worst 10 states for job losses in 2009. It may be time to either relocate to Colorado or strengthen your resume. Things are about to get rough…

10. Mississippi

(-2.61 percent; 29,693 jobs lost)

With U.S. manufacturing, especially auto manufacturing, declining faster than ever, this blue collar state is hating life.

9. West Virginia

(-2.7 percent; 20,409 jobs lost)

unemployment in west virginiaYou should be seeing a trend forming here. States, like West Virginia, that have depended on manufacturing are getting hammered especially hard by the economic crisis.

8. Massachusetts

(-2.8 percent; 90,025 jobs lost)

This may be evidence that, while the economic crisis is starting with blue collar auto workers, it will not leave white collar and education-sector jobs untouched.

7. Kentucky

(-2.85 percent; 51,341 jobs lost)

Again, manufacturing jobs are getting hit the hardest. This is going to get really repetitive before I’m done.

6. Ohio

(-2.9 percent; 154,938 jobs lost)

Repeat after me: the blue collar manufacturing job market is becoming a swirling vortex of doom. Get out while you can!

5. Missouri

(-2.93 percent; 80,550 jobs lost)

Repeat. Manufacturing workers, abandon ship. Go back to school. Do whatever you have to do to get out before the roof collapses on you.

4. Florida

(-3 percent; 231,265 jobs lost)

job losses in FloridaThe other bad places to be in this economy are real estate and tourism. And Florida, unfortunately, has both. Quickly sliding down the backside of a huge housing boom, this state has more houses than it can sell. Add to that a huge drop in people willing to fork out the cash to visit Disneyworld and Miami, and you have a big problem for the Sunshine State.

3. Hawaii

(-3.4 percent; 21,228 jobs lost)

The Aloha State’s biggest problem? It relies almost solely on travel and tourism. When budgets on the mainland and overseas tighten up, the first thing to go is that yearly trip to Kona and the timeshare in Turtle Bay. Worst of all for this island state, there are no other industries in the state large enough to buffer the economy. Expect to see a lot of people relocating elsewhere from this beautiful but mismanaged state.

2. Connecticut

(-3.45 percent; 56,882 jobs lost)

This state will likely be hit on two fronts. First, its blue collar manufacturing sector will suffer just like in other states. To make matters worse, however, the cash that used to come into the state from the Wall Street fat cats that call Connecticut home will falter. This drop in cash inflow will hurt every kind of consumer business in the state.

1. Michigan

(-4.3 percent; 175,368 jobs lost)

job losses in michiganThis is no surprise. The fates of the U.S. automakers are directly tied to the future of this state. With the Big Five taking beatings daily in the news and in their performance, job prospects in this overwhelmingly blue collar manufacturing state are dismal. With no salvation in sight for automakers, employees are being paid to leave. My advice: take the money and get into another career. Auto manufacturing is not a good place right now for anyone.

That’s the worst of it! New York, Iowa, Rhode Island, and Utah aren’t far behind. Check out the silver lining later this week when we talk about the 10 best states. Okay, so it’s more like a bronze lining.

How are job losses in your state? Or are you from a state with actual job growth (gasp!)? Tell us in the comments!

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