Don’t let the ‘top’ thing fool you. The U.S. job market is going to be awful nationwide, with an estimated 2.7 million jobs to be lost this year. Some states, however, will take a smaller hit than others. Your chances of finding or keeping a job in these states, although not ideal, are better in these states than in others.

So if you live in one of the harder hit states and you’re looking for a change of scenery, consider one of these top ten states for jobs in 2009:

10. South Dakota

(-1.1 percent; 4,342 jobs lost) If you can get used to cold and frigid snowstorms, this plains state is a fine alternative.

9. Nevada

Jobs in Nevada(-1 percent; 12,696 jobs lost) Surprisingly, despite its strong emphasis on gaming and hotels, this state is holding its own against the economic crisis and has been able to lure tourism despite tightening pocketbooks with deals like a five-dollar steak and egg breakfast or thirty-dollar hotel rooms. You can be sure, however, that more people are opting out of the Bellagio to stay at the Golden Nugget.

8. Oregon

(-1 percent; 17,737 jobs lost) With a variety of industries, from shoes to international trade to agriculture, this state has the job market diversity to weather the economic storm.

7. Nebraska

(-.9 percent; 8,374 jobs lost) This home state of legendary investor Warren Buffett has also done a fine job withstanding the economic crisis, perhaps because of its high concentration of agriculture.

6. New Mexico

(-.9 percent; 7,164 jobs lost) With virtually no manufacturing, real estate, tourism, or financial sectors to speak of, this state remains unchanged by the financial meltdown.

5. North Dakota

(-.8 percent; 2,809 jobs lost) Something is going on up in then there plain states. My guess is agriculture, a few strong companies like Union Pacific, and a general lack of manufacturing.

4. Texas

job growth in texas(-.7 percent; 71,930 jobs lost) This state has performed well in creating job growth over the last few years by attracting large companies with tax breaks and jobseekers with a family friendly atmosphere. Plentiful jobs and an affordable cost of living should keep this state in the top ten for years to come.

3. Washington

(-.2 percent; 6,939 jobs lost) Like its northwest neighbor, this state enjoys a diverse job market, from computers (Microsoft) to fruit companies (you know, apples?). Its metropolitan center boasts a family friendly atmosphere, beautiful scenery, and a strong emphasis on health. These factors have made Seattle a magnet for big companies.

2. District of Columbia

(-.1 percent; 633 jobs lost) Okay, you know that big stimulus bill going through Congress to the tune of $800 billion? Well, guess where a huge chunk of that money is going. Why, to hire more government workers in nearly every agency from the CIA to HUD, of course. Where will those jobs mostly be located? In our nation’s capitol, of course. So, business in other parts of the Beltway may crumble and fall, but we won’t let our government fall, dagnabbit. No, we will make it bigger and better than before. I sure hope at least some of that money makes it my way…

1. Colorado

job growth in colorado(.8 percent; 18,708 jobs created) That’s right. I did not forget the negative sign. One state in the Union will actually experience positive job growth this year. Like so many of our top ten, this state boasts strong business growth, breathtaking surroundings, and a family-friendly environment. As soon as this report hits the general populace, unfortunately, those 18,708 jobs will be gobbled up like a house fly in an ant hole.

So, you heard it here first: Colorado is the new promised land. Note to other states: diversiying your industry make-up, family-friendly communities, and natural beauty matter. Of course, it’s too late for the other guys to change that now.

How about job growth (or loss) in your state? Tell us how things are going in the comments!

21 comments on “Top 10 States for Jobs in 2009

  • What you said about Colorado is only true, if you are related to the military some how. If you have no affiliation you are screwed.

  • Very accurate…this market outside of those states is really bad, unless ur sleeping with somebody.

  • Well I livedin Colorado Springs Colorado the second biggest city in Colorado for 10 years never saw much of a job market there.With exceptions of jobs catering to the 5 military bases or Health care .I left there in 2000 and went there recently and it is not any better.would love to know what industries are bringing jobs to the market In Colorado .Their probley is less population to consider as compared to maybe LA or New York ,But their are no jobs for say Technology or Telecommunications .As for Las Vegas .I left there last May and their was such a incline for job lose and housing foreclosers .

  • well I am a resident of Nevada and the unemployment rate is well over 12 percent. There might be alot of casinos or the fact that city center is hiring over 12,000 jobs, but these casinos are all laying people off at the same time. If you get screwed at one casino chances are you wont get hired at the sister casino. So if you were layed off at MGM Grand, you wont be likely be employed at City Center. And the hiring process takes so long it gets annoying. 7 interviews till you get hired at the City Center. say you got to the 5th interview there’s still the chance of not getting it on the 6th or the 7th. where did you find these numbers from?

  • gotta luv CO the greatest st in the union light snow to all out blizzard it’s still the only place i will ever call home even if im not living there. dang i miss my mtns

  • not totally true…if you work in Health care there are a lot of jobs in the Denver area…I don’t know beyond that too much, but I know for sure there are a large amount of Health Care jobs in the Denver Area…

  • Top 10 best states for jobs WHOOO HOOOOOOO I live in Washington state NOW .. I just moved here from Indiana. I could see the difference when I got here. Businesses are still open, roads are being worked on, there are real jobs in the paper and on line here in Washington state.. there are lay off here but NOT LIKE in least there are jobs to try for here might not get them but THERE ARE JOBS
    But in IN it is awful. NOOOO jobs anywhere .. businesses that have been open for years and years are closing. people are losing EVERYTHING. No more houses being built. no NOTHING.. Non profit programs Closing . Laid off 2 jobs in 2 month and never found a new one after a year !!! we took a family in that lost there house then we lost our house ..DONT GO TO INDIANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Colorado a top-ten state ? Hardly…unemployment approaches twenty-five or so percent. The IT community is toast, the oil and gas fields are empty, and the governments at all levels are laying off as many people as possible. It will be at least ten years before any of this starts to recover….any of us that can are moving to Phoenix, and Las Vegas. Oh year, Albuquerque isn’t any better…

  • Looks like things are bad all over. Hang in there every one. We are all in it together and we need to take care of our brothers and sisters that are not as fortunate.

    To the corporate schmucks who screwed everything up please know this:

    1) You have lost the trust of your workforce and their children for what will probably be a very long time.
    2) In the race to the bottom, why would we encourage any college age kid go to work for a Corporation that will outsource, offshore, and eliminate or reduce salary of their position.
    3) Thanks to the internet, the knowledge economy will be oustsourced to India and China within a decade. So all of the Corporate managers will be next to go, yes that means you Chris in Accounting, Wendy in HR and Kevin in Legal.
    4) Don’t count on us to buy your stuff or bail you out any longer.

    This recession will be shaped like a W, that way we can all remember who got us into it – thanks George!

  • I wish I could move to those states, I hate the cold and snow, lived in Michigan for eight years, never want to go back, not family friendly at all, don’t have children in that state either if you want to move for a better life. Was afraid of Texas, but might rethink that, and D.C. wouldn’t mind experiencing some of that culture.

  • I wish I could move to those states, I hate the cold and snow, lived in Michigan for eight years, never want to go back, not family friendly at all, don\’t have children in that state either if you want to move for a better life. Was afraid of Texas, but might rethink that, and D.C. wouldn\’t mind experiencing some of that culture.

  • NEW MEXICO? NO TOURISM? Where do you think the majority of the movies are made? New Mexico is a TOURIST boom! Please….

  • blah blah blah…the rich get richer the poor will remain poor lol nothing ever changes,face it do research and you will know who to blame this economic catastrophe and to them i tell them screw them,they will always be loosers! lol

  • I’ve live in North Jersey my whole life, and all I can say is its getting tough to find a good job. Yea, you can find a job that pays minimum wage at mcdonalds, but if your trying to get a good, professional well paying job, its tough here!

  • New Mexico yuo have got to be kidding me its like the desert out there except for maby that one city in NEW MEXICO.Florida is a better state for jobs know thats bad

  • 16. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you can do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog. An excellent read. I will certainly be back.

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