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So, the ‘recession-proof’ label has become sickeningly overused. A year ago, Yahoo HotJobs! published an article featuring outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. They named Education, Energy, Healthcare, International Business, Environmental Sector, and Security as recession-proof careers. So how recession-proof were these careers?

Check out the list below and see which ones are actually doing as well as predicted:

1. Education With dozens of states in dire financial straits, education budgets are getting slashed and burned faster than the rainforest. As if public schoolteachers weren’t already getting ripped off on their salaries…

2. Energy The folks in this industry must have freaked last summer when people started seriously limiting their gas usage. Lucky for them, the price of gas plummeted and got everyone back to the good ol’ American tradition of burning petroleum like there’s no tomorrow. Keep in mind, however, that with a recession gnawing away at pocketbooks, Americans will cut back significantly on gasoline usage this year- guaranteed.

3. Health Care  While doctors and hospitals have seen a drop in non-urgent health care, this industry is holding relatively strong. People still need emergency care, and life-threatening injuries and diseases have not taken a holiday.

4. International Business What a lot of people didn’t realize last year is how quickly a financial crisis in the U.S. would spread to the rest of the world in a serious way. They thought that American businesses would simply migrate to more plentiful hunting grounds overseas. Well, a year later, everybody is pulling back, from Beijing to New Delhi to New York to Paris. This year, the grass is not greener on the other side… on any side, for that matter.

5. Environmental Sector In the grand scheme of things, in the history of business and commerce, let’s face it: the green movement is just a fad. When corporations are trying to figure out how to just stay alive for the next three years, the last thing on their minds is going to be buying chairs made of recycled bamboo shoots just because their existing furniture is non-biodegradable. The only hope for this industry is to create green solutions that also dramatically help cut costs. With any given corporation, it’s Company first, Earth second.

6. Security They said, "No matter what happens to the economy, the public has to be protected." Police careers are stable, they said. I say, NOT ANYMORE, for the same reason education is no longer safe. Our states are bankrupt and are looking for every way they can to trim down costs. As long as our state governments are neck-deep in debt, don’t count on them paying for one police officer after another. They are already having to say, "We just can’t afford any more."

So, look at the results: 2 out of 6 of their so-called "recession-proof" jobs actually were. One of those is at risk. That’s a 33 percent batting average at best. Not good odds. Funny thing? I haven’t been able to find any "recession-proof" job lists for 2009.


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