Usually, in every list of ten so-called "recession-proof" jobs, there is about three or four that appear again and again while the others come and go. The reason why they appear year after year is that they are jobs people just can’t do without.

So, instead of putting out yet another tired reiteration of a "recession-proof" job list, I’m going to give you a list of jobs people will always need. Keep in mind, these jobs will probably not make as much in a downturn such as ours- let’s face it, the yachts and McMansions are gonna have to go. Anyone who tells you different is selling something. But your odds of having employment will be best in these careers. In other words, if things got as bad as they could get, these jobs would be the last to go. Considering our circumstances, that’s some decent insurance:

1. Doctor – even in the least developed countries, doctors are in high demand. If you’ve ever lived in a third world country, you’ve probably noticed that the town doctor is the busiest and most popular man in town. The bottom line is, as long as there are human bodies to heal, we will need doctors. Areas of specialization like dermatology, physical therapy, chiropractics, acupuncture, and plastic surgery may take a hit. But basic medicine will always be in demand. In fact, as recession-induced stress takes its toll on the health of the American public, doctors may find themselves more in demand than ever.

2. Nurse – See number 1. Every doctor needs a nurse. Put two and two together.

3. Dentist – Don’t expect spikes in cosmetic dentistry, but basic dental work will always be in demand (unless humans unexpectedly evolve a new way to chew food). I mean, anyone who has ever had a toothache knows that you just can’t function. So, even on the rainiest days, expect people to be willing to pay for dental emergencies.

4. Food Production – No, I don’t mean working at Wolfgang Pucks. I mean farming. People will always need food. People who know how to grow food will always be in demand. At the very least, you’d always know how to provide food for your own household.

5. Handyman – People may learn to live without their cars and SUVs. They may learn to do without designer handbags. But they will never go without basic shelter and tools. As long as humans need shelter, they will need someone to build and repair those structures. As long as they need their tools to do stuff, they will someone to build and repair those tools.

One hopes that IT and Sales jobs will always be around. However, if you’re looking for sure bets in these uncertain times, look to jobs that people will always need. Good luck out there!

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  • I don't know how long ago this was posted but did you forget about teachers? I'm pretty teaching is above dentists. You're an idiot.

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