Glum faces are everywhere nowadays. And why not? The media has very little by way of good news, usually some story about a woman in Palm Beach finding her prized Chihuahua still alive in the belly of a gator. Nothing to make you sit back and say, "You know what? Things are okay." The talk around the water cooler, in the pews at church, and around the dinner table has turned decidedly negative.

Well, I met a man today who was actually excited about the recession. He owns a landscaping business in Utah and sees this time as a chance to outpace his competition. While they are tightening their budgets and cutting down on advertising, he is able to find better deals on advertising and increase his market presence. When everyone else is frowning, Mr. Landscaping is grinning from ear to ear.

What's the difference between Mr. Landscaping and the grumpy masses? He saved his money when times were good and put a little away for times like these. He avoided taking on debt. Now, when the best opportunities are presenting themselves, he is in a unique position to take advantage of them.

While not all of us were smart enough to save during the good times (myself included), I think all of us can take a lesson from Mr. Landscaping: When rainy days happen, the winners are the ones positive enough to open an umbrella stand. The losers just stand there, mope, and get soaked.

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