Meddling. That's what it's called when people poke around and toy with things that are not theirs to toy with. That's what it's called when people come in and try to force things and end up breaking them. That's what our government leaders are doing, and for what?

Free market economies are, in essence, like forces of nature. They react to their environmental conditions in a way that will bring them back to a state of equilibrium. When things are overinflated, they let off some steam. When things are lacking, something moves in to fill the gaps. But always just to bring the system back into balance.

Our government leaders, at this very moment, are meddling with our economy in ways that are both extreme and extremely dangerous. Perhaps most frighteningly, they reflect an attitude of greed and unrealistic expectations. The fact is the people of the United States could not have continued their streak of consumerism. It was impossible, a virtual house built on sand. Unfortunately and strangely, our leaders are frantically trying to restore this house built on sand. Instead of making the hard, but mature, decision to move our house to a more solid, rocky foundation, they are trying to patch up the house, neglecting the receding sand underneath.


Just today, GM announced it had "burned through $6.2 billion of cash in the last three months of 2008," posting a quarterly loss of $9.6-billion loss. The rest of the U.S. automakers aren't faring much better.

AIG, bailed out just a few months ago for billions, is going down the tubes.

Citigroup and Bank of America are on their way down.

It's time to consider the sobering possibility that there is nothing we can do except grow up and learn to accept the consequences of our overspending. It's time to accept that we cannot avoid a deep recession any more than we can keep winter from coming. Driving our nation farther into debt will only prolong our suffering. As much as saying so would damage lawmakers' poll standings, it's time to just let things take their course.

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