This morning I drove through MCDonalds drive-thru (because that's what you do at a drive-thru- you drive through). I was amazed to find that no one was in line. In fact, the parking lot was pretty much empty, too. I began to think that I had forgotten an important holiday but soon found a voice on the other side of the order screen thingy. In less than a minute, I had paid for and received my food. Down the street, I opened my bag, unwrapped my Sausage McMuffin and bit into it. It was merely warm and dry. The muffin was hard and the meat slightly tough. All of my cresting McAnticipation was out the window.

That's when an interesting, silver-lining idea hit me. We always complain about long lines, but, with fast food, long lines are good. Short lines are bad. Why? Because if you are in a short line, you have a higher chance that the food you ordered has been sitting under a food lamp, unwanted, dried out. Long lines, however, force the restaurant to prepare fresh, sizzling hot food for you.

So, in this time of gloom and doom economic news when you are just trying to get your money's worth, you can smile when you pull up to a fast food drive-thru and find a long line. You may have to wait longer, but your food will be fresh off the unabashedly greasy grill, you will have spent your money wisely. And that is a pretty good silver lining.

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