Everyone realizes that individuals prefer different styles and techniques to learn.  Individuals use a mix of learning styles.  Some people may have dominant styles, and rarely use different styles, while others may use different styles in different circumstances.  Learning styles are not fixed.  Anyone can further develop the style that they already use, or a style they rarely use. In the past it was recommended for learners to focus on their dominant style. The enhancement of multiple learning styles have now been emphasized because they allow individuals the ability to learn no matter what format is presented.

Many students that have not used multiple styles of learning tended to struggle in school and were labeled as learning disabled, which reinforced their internal beliefs that they were "dumb."    It's not that these students are dumb, they just learn by using different techniques than those presented in the group classroom.

There are 7 different methods of learning styles.  They consist of visual, aural, verbal, physical, logical, social, and solitary.  If you are a visual learner, then you prefer using pictures and images to learn.  The aural kind means you prefer using sound and music.  The third is verbal which means you prefer using words in both speech and writing.  Physical means that you prefer using your body, hands, and feeling.  Logical allows the learner to understand by using reasoning and systems.  Social means you learn best in groups or with other people.  Solitary style means the individual prefers to work alone and use self-study.

By knowing your learning style, you can improve the way that you learn.  This can improve both your school and work experience.  By understanding learning styles, teachers can create an environment in which everyone learns from each other, and not just those that share the same learning style.

Learning is a core skill that we all must master.  By not only learning more facts and skills, but understanding the way we learn, we can all accomplish much more.  If we continually learn throughout our lifetime, we will not only earn more but do much better in our careers.

Learning is a process that requires us to be paying attention, either consciously or unconsciously, in order to remember the knowledge permanently.  Not only do we have to remember the information but where it was filed in our brains.  Other important factors in learning include; finding a personal reason to learn the info, be motivated, make the info relevant to you, imagine when you might use the info in the future, have positive expectations, and have a calm mind.  The mind works best when it is relaxed.

Learning is a never ending task.  It can make your life better and easier. By knowing the style that you learn best, you can cater to yourself and improve your learning. You can also start developing the other learning techniques, allowing yourself to excel in both school and work because you can communicate, teach, and learn no matter what learning style is being presented.

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