White personalities are typically classified as accepting, calm, and balanced.  They are independent and require kindness.  They like to keep things balanced in their life and they try to maintain internal feelings of tranquility and comfort.  This kind of personality is essential in the classroom.  They are very tolerant and accepting of different people and their ideas.  They are quiet by nature and will most likely be sitting in the back or on the sides of the classroom.

They are supposedly the best listeners, although I haven't been able to verify this fact.  In class these students are typically quiet and shy so it is difficult to determine if they are good listeners, because the teacher never calls on them.  However, it is most likely true, because the yellow personalities are busy telling jokes to other students, reds are trying to come up with a question or comment that will make them look smart, and the blues are trying to find where they put their homework, becasue after all it was due 10 minutes ago.

Students should thank the whites in their class because they actually stay awake and process whatever the professor is teaching deeply and objectively.  Meanwhile, the other students are dozing off or fooling around during the boring lecture about igneous rocks, imaginative numbers, the Spanish Inquisitions, laws of motion, or whatever the topic might be that day. 

Despite their concentration in class, they don't typically get labeled as being smart; because they tend to be quiet and avoid verbal battles.  When arguments or debates erupt in class over different ideologies, or cultures, these students become uncomfortable and want the confrontation to end at all costs.  They might even exit the classroom to get a drink, in order to avoid the situation until it cools down. 

This little break is right in line with their personality, because Whites require "alone time."  They need time to be by themselves and they absolutely resent and refuse to be controlled by others.  They want to do things in their own time and their own way.  They are the people that would rather spend hours trying to figure a problem out rather than asking someone to help them for a few minutes. 

Whites also tend to be passive aggressive.  The best way I have found to explain this is with a dog.  Picture a big dog loving you with its paws on your shoulders, licking your face, while at the same time peeing on your shoe.  White personalities won't become involved in a confrontation, but will get back at the person in other ways.

Personality types have been studied for decades.  Over the next week, the other personality types in the classroom will be examined; but in the meantime analyze the personalities in your classroom and watch over the next semester to see if your predictions were correct.


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