Students at the front of the class that always raise their hands to answer questions, and then wait to speak with the teacher after class have to be red personalities.  Reds are the ones that take charge, divvy out the assignments and then make sure everyone completes their part of the group project on time.  If everyone doesn't finish their part of the assignment, then the reds will take the responsibility upon themselves to finish the task, so that everyone can get a good grade.

Reds are very decisive and know their plan of action.  They may believe that one way is the best, and even if they learn differently, they will die defending it.  They are goal-oriented, have their future planned out, and know how to get there.  These students are the ones that in the 4th grade have decided that they will study law at Harvard and graduate by the age of 24.  They also know the pathway that will lead them to accomplishing their dreams; such as getting straight A's, participating in community service, having work experience, and being not only a member but president of several clubs.

These individuals know what they want in life and are willing to take charge in order to make sure they get the desired results.  These students tend to be very independent and intelligent.  They are quick, efficient, persistent, and are not afraid to take risks.  They put a lot of thought and effort into the projects they are working on, and they try to come up with ideas that are outside of the box.

This motivated and high stress group of individuals tend to drive the class and they pose a challenge because they are such hard workers and high achievers that they give the rest of the class a run for their money. They are very organized and eventually become leaders in their companies and industries.  They become the rich guys that tell everyone it is my way or the highway.

However, not every trait these individuals possess are desirable.  For one, these students are very impatient and blunt.  They are the ones that point out what is wrong with everything.  They will interrupt and ask a question that is completely unrelated, or ask a question that the professor was obviously leading into.  They are poor listeners and quite demanding.

Reds can be a bit brutal to people they do not believe can keep up with them both academically and socially.  They believe that projects and advancement are more important than people.  Therefore, if you're in the way, you will get trampled.  Reds are very competitive and will give everything they've got to come out on top.   

This type of personality makes up a large portion of the population.  They are very involved and driven, which makes life easier for the other personality types; because they don't have to make all of the choices and shoulder all of the hard work.  In this world of reds, just remember one thing; not to wear your heart on your sleeve around them.

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