Those personalities that seem to get along with everyone are blues.  They create the bridge between the other personalities.  This group is very enthusiastic and optimistic about how their term projects will turn out, and how the information they learn will improve their life.  They are extremely good at communicating and can present information in a descriptive but blunt manner.  They can be a good interpreter when the professor has gone off on a random tangent; that is, if they understood the connection.

They are patient and easygoing.  They are motivated by altruism.  They find joy and satisfaction in doing nice things for others.  They pride themselves on being selfless rather than selfish.  In class they are the students that will offer to give notes to their friends if they missed class and offer a classmate a ride if they need it.       

Blues lead their lives with a strong moral conscience.  They try to behave in a proper manner, so don't expect to hear these students burp in class or have an outrageous comment that will challenge the professor's previous statement.  They enjoy being good and will make decisions on the basis of their morals.  They have a strong sense of integrity, and because of this they are very loyal and trustworthy.  They make good friends because they are selfless and always willing to help out.  They are very trustworthy and dependable.  If they are given a task; they will turn it out.  They will attend class everyday and will do what is asked of them.  I would place a bet that the reds and blues are the ones that turn in their projects at the end of the semester.

Personalities in this category can be trusted with valuable information and would make great bosses, but seldom are.  These individuals have many good traits but they can be kind of clingy.  They crave intimacy and want to be loved and understood.  They need to be praised for their efforts and remembered.  Classmates must remember that these students are the ones that want to become really good friends.  They will generally sit in the same seat because they crave that intimacy. If you sit by these people a few times, the pattern has been established, and you can plan on having a friend, whether you want one or not, for the rest of the semester.

Some of the negative aspects of the personality may include the fact that they are over-accommodating.  Sometimes people don't want help and don't need it, but unless they give into the blues, then the blues will not feel validated.  They will feel guilty and selfish if they are not helping someone 24/7. 

Another negative includes the fact that they hate change.  They will cling to the way that things have been.  If you walk into class early, these are the students that not only need their same spot but will make sure the desk is the same one they have had the entire semester.  Otherwise, they will look for that desk and rearrange them in that fashion.  They can be a little OCD.

They also tend to hold grudges for life.  In the classroom if you borrowed their pencil one time without returning it; they will remember.  Or if you fall through on a project, or forget to show up at a study session, prepare yourself because that is ingrained in their mind and they will not forget it. They will probably bring it up later on when it serves their best interests.   

Classrooms are such an interesting place to be.  It is fun to watch how the different personality colors show up and react to each other.  Blues and reds tend to butt heads together, so many times these individuals will make friends with yellows and whites instead of with each other.

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