Classes tend to be much more fun for students when they are sitting by a classmate with a yellow personality.  Yellows are constantly searching for a way to make ordinary things fun.  These are the type of students that will place bets on what sweater the professor is wearing, and if their guess is incorrect then they will take their friends out for a Slurpee during the next class.

They believe that life is a party and they are hosting it.  Yellows won't participate in class or other activities unless they believe that they are going to have fun.  They become the class clowns.  They like being the center of attention and need to be noticed and praised.  They appear to be nonchalant about things, but nothing is further from the truth. They need attention. 

Besides being fun-loving, these students are also very outgoing and have lot of friends.  They are typically enthusiastic and optimistic, but they live in the moment.  They are emotional and passionate.  They look for adventures and they have short attention spans.  They like to do things outside of the ordinary; this may include running through the halls, wearing outlandish clothes, drawing funny pictures.  They can't sit still for long and they will choose friends who refuse to allow details from getting in the way of play. 

They are unrealistic and disorganized.  They are impulsive and can be too talkative, but have the ability to make stressful situations fun.  For students waiting to receive their test, yellows might sing you the song that they memorized their information for the test with.  Or they might go so far as to dress up in order to make the mood lighter.  Professors may act like they disapprove of these actions; but deep down they are thankful for these fun-loving students because they make their class much more entertaining not just for the students, but themselves.

Yellows are completely unpredicatable, but they are exceptional at communicating.  They can chit-chat with anyone.  Friends come highest on the priority list, besides having fun.  The reason behind this is the validation and approval they receive from friends which feeds their need to be popular.    

Life in the classroom can be dreadful without one of these sunny personalities.  They add the chocolate chips to the cookie batter.  Although they are not commonly known as being the best students, they make the classroom experience much more interesting and well rounded because yellows play an important role in the workforce and our lives as a whole.

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