On Wednesday a 21 year-old window washer survived a six-story fall from a bank building.  His safety rope never caught.  The 21-year old Alex Clay reported that "There's a little roof over the entryway.  I bounced off of that and then hit the pavement."

He was taken to the hospital and doctors determined his main injury was a shattered bone on his left foot.  He also had six staples in his leg because he cut it on something as he fell.  Luckily for Clay, the doctors expect him to make a complete recovery.

He recounted that the problem developed when he noticed a clip on his gear for rappelling wasn't fastened. He tried not to panic because his safety line was connected to his harness.  For some reason it didn't catch, but his co-worker and a maintenance man tried to pull him back up but he was too sweaty and let go. 

Clay had only worked for the window cleaning company four months when the accident occurred.  Clay reported to have "no intention of working high buildings for quite a while.Personally I have my doubts that he ever will; especially since he can "remember the entire fall all the way down." 

This accident just goes to show that everyone should get an education.  That way your life won't depend on some tiny little rope.  Instead you can work somewhere you like, that's safe, better paying, and offers greater benefits; somewhere hopefully with life and health insurance.

Now is a great time to start your education.  There are classes that will fit your personality and needs.  Education doesn't have to be on a campus, in a classroom, listening to an old professor rattle on for what feels like eternity.  Education has changed.  It is accessible and flexible. If you have the desire to go to school, learn, and improve your life, then get cracking.  Now is the time!

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