Joseph Carnevale a North Carolina student was arrested for vandalism after stealing three orange and white construction barrels to create a roadside monster thumbing a ride.

The student believed that he was creating a piece of street art.  Cops saw it differently.  The cops ruined the barrel monster and arrested Carnevale.  Online supporters in the hundreds want the charges dropped
against the college student.  Apparently the construction company even wants Carnevale to create an exact replica of the first monster.

The college student had planned out his plot, and stolen the barrels near the North Carolina State University Campus.  The thought occurred to him during class and an hour after class he returned to start his masterpiece.

The monster upon completion has an extended thumb.  Apparently he’s seeking a ride from passing cars.  The next morning the cops took apart the monster and collected evidence while they searched for the lawbreaker.

Police were able to find Carnevale after a newspaper article gave enough clues that led them to a website identifying the student.  Carnevale has been charged with larceny and destruction of property.  Apparently this wasn’t his first encounter with barrels turned into street art.  He has  made other pieces with stolen barrels including an alligator.

The construction company that owned the barrels does not wish to press charges.  They acknowledge that the publicity has been much better for their company than the cost of the damage of the barrels.  Since this incident didn’t result in anyone being injured, the company doesn’t want to press charges and the company wants him to make another one; let the kid go.

In all honesty, I think it’s creative and I would love to see something like that on the street as I drive by.  It makes me think that cops in Raleigh do not have much to do; otherwise they would be looking for perpetrators that have committed serious crimes that have hurt people, rather than some student that made a barrel monster.