Because of the economy many students are rethinking their expensive private school education.  Rachel Harrison who had been attending an expensive private school in New York has had to make a difficult decision.  Should she continue at her $40,000-a-year-private school or leave and enroll at a cheaper school near her home in Arizona

After weighing the pros and cons, Harrison decided that she like many other students across the nation would move home and attend a cheaper university.  Not only would she get in state tuition in Arizona, but it would also be cheaper to live there.

Attending classes at her private college was no longer financially possible, unless she wanted to leave school over $100,000 dollars in debt.  The one year of school, almost drained her college fund.  Not only are college students being forced to make a college change, but high school seniors are also being forced to make this same decision.

Many high school seniors have already decided to forgo costly schools.  Instead they have decided to attend schools that are closer to home and have cheaper tuition.  Many public colleges have seen an increase in the number of transfer applications this year.  Many students reported their decision to transfer was due to money.

Some tips for determining whether an expensive institution is right for you.  First of all, make sure that the expensive private school is really what you want and need.  Second, make sure that you will still be able to go to grad school, medical, or law school after earning your bachelor's degree. 

And if you already attended the expensive school but are considering transferring to a different school but you have already completed two years of a degree, then it may be better to stay at your school.  Otherwise, you might have to spend an extra semester or two retaking classes required by the new school.

So the take home message is make sure that an expensive institution is right for you.  Make sure you have a lot of money and a financial plan beyond the first year.  Have realistic expectations and really consider your options.  And make sure that when you have chosen a degree that you are going to stick with it; or else you will waste a lot of time and money.

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