With a GI Bill that covers full tuition and much more, the number of veterans attending college this fall is expected to rise 30 percent from last year.  This influx has caused many universities to identify ways to bridge the gap from combat to the classroom.

Many veterans that are either starting or going back to school have run into problems like campus politics, crowds which can alarm the soldiers, or being around fellow students that don't understand their experiences while in the military. 

Because many soldiers struggle with the transition, many colleges are offering veterans-only classes, adding counselors and condensing the application and financial aid process.

Veterans – only classes began at Cleveland State in 2007.  They are freshman level classes that keep men and women together just like a unit in the military where they can support and motivate each other.  The reason behind these classes is that many soldiers have a difficult time adjusting to life in the classroom and this class allows them to be in the same class as others who might be struggling with the same thing.

This class provides students more support and understanding because they have experienced the same things.  These classes have had a lot of success and as a result, many other universities and colleges in twelve other states are looking at implementing the same program.

The military is continually trying to make the educational process simpler for its troops.  Not only have they improved the opportunities for soldiers through the GI Bill, but schools are also trying to help soldiers succeed.

Military and schools both realize the benefit that education will have on soldiers and their families.  Therefore, they have taken steps to help them.  Education is important because it will help them advance in their careers and provide for their families.  These soldiers already have battlefield experience but an education will help them gain civilian knowledge that can help them excell in their endeavors. 

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