When Iraq War Army veteran Scott Jones returned to his parents' Tennessee farm last June after his second tour of duty, the first thing he did was visit the local burger joint for a plate of his favorite onion rings. After a week of golfing and catching up on missed movies, Jones knew he needed a change.

"I just felt like I had been growing at an increased pace while I was in Iraq," says Jones. "And then suddenly I came to a full stop. I had been around the world to a completely foreign country. I'd learned some information technology. even learned a little Arabic. I knew I wanted to keep experiencing new things."

Jones knew he had his GI Bill. It was, after all, one of the reasons he had joined the service. "The Bill would easily pay for my tuition and books," he says. "And I felt like getting a college degree would be the best way to keep growing and learning. Not only that, but I knew it would help me get a better job in the future."

For Jones, deciding to get a college degree was one thing. Deciding which degree to pursue was another. "School never was my thing," he says. "I had no clue where to start."

Fortunately, a fellow veteran recommended Jones visit Classes and Careers.com, a free online education information resource. In a few minutes, users can fill out a form and be connected live with an education advisor.

"An adviser called me and helped me find a nice, flexible online program," Jones says. "I could get a bachelor's degree in IT and networking in less than 3 years."

Soon, Jones will be ready to start a lucrative career in information technology. "I can't believe all the things I've learned," he says. "When I graduate, I'll be making almost $100,000 a year."

Are you a military veteran looking to use your GI Bill to get a college degree? Visit ClassesandCareers.com and fill out their form. An education advisor will contact you and find the best degree program for you.