Four years ago, Lynne Williams never would have guessed she would be starting a career in accounting. She was single, didn't have a college degree and was struggling to make a living for herself and her four children as a receptionist at a doctor's office. Even with putting in additional hours of overtime, she still could not make ends meet.

"My job just wasn't working out and I would come home frustrated every day." Williams recalls. "I was not a pleasant person to be around." That's when a friend told her about online degrees. "She told me about how she could study at home while her kids were sleeping," Williams says, "I thought, if Sandra can do it, why not me?"

Williams is one of a growing number of working mothers studying online to improve their careers. These busy women are finding it easier to get the degree information they need by visiting a free information site like With their help, working mothers can request free information from online universities regarding tuition cost, financial aid, scholarships, course availability and graduation time just by filling out a short "Request Info" form.

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"The online universities did a wonderful job of telling me tuition costs, degree requirements, and financial aid availability," Williams says. "They answered every question until I had all the information I needed to make my decision."

After deciding, Williams quickly enrolled in an online accounting program. She worked during the day, came home, put her children to bed, and participated in her accounting classes from her laptop. Four years later, with a Bachelor of Science in accounting on her resume, Williams has recently accepted a job offer at a leading accounting firm. She's all smiles as she admits, "I just gave my boss my two-week's notice, and that feels really good."

Williams recommends that other working moms give online education a try. "Go online, fill out a form, and get the information you need to make your choice. Then just do it. It was worth studying at night to provide a better life for my kids and for me to find a career that I love," she says.

The following online universities offer flexible, quick and well-respected online degree programs for working moms like Williams.

* Kaplan University Degrees

* University of Phoenix Degrees

* Colorado Technical University

In order to give you the most customized information possible, you will be asked to give your contact information and answer a few questions.

Is this your day to start a new career? Learning more is the first step.

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