The nation’s job market may be in decline, but the nursing profession definitely is not.

Careers in nursing are skyrocketing, even with the recession in full swing, according to U.S. Department of Labor statistics. In fact, with high job losses in other industries, more people than ever before are returning to school for degrees in nursing, which has historically been a high-demand field.

Barbara Michelson of Detroit, Mich., is a part of this shift. When she lost her job at a Detroit auto plant a year ago, she began investigating nursing careers. “I had always thought of becoming a nurse,” Michelson says. “I knew the pay was good and the job secure.”

The more Michelson found out about nursing, the more she was convinced it was the right field for her. Unemployment in nursing was almost nonexistent. Promotion happened quickly, especially for advanced degree-holders. “After 2 years on the job, I could easily be making as much as $80,000 with good benefits,” she says. “I thought, what am I waiting for?”

She then set her sights on finding the right degree program. Between working full-time to provide for her 3 children and caring for her aging mother, Michelson needed a program that would be flexible with her busy schedule. “I knew I wouldn’t be able to stick to the class schedules at a college,” she recalls. “I didn’t think I would be able to pull it off.”

That’s when a friend recommended she visit, a free online education information resource. In a few minutes, users can fill out a form and be connected live with an education advisor. “I went to the Web site and told them about my goals,” Michelson says. “Not long after, an advisor called me and helped me find a nice, flexible online program. I could do lectures and homework at night from my computer after the kids went to sleep. It was really easy to use.”

Michelson is now more than halfway through her program. In 6 months, she will be ready to enter the nursing field with a bachelor’s degree. “I can’t believe it’s so close,” she says. “I’m really glad I decided to switch careers. This is going to change my family’s life.”

If you are considering making the switch to a career in nursing, visit to be connected live with an education advisor. After assessing your career goals, he or she will recommend the best degree program for you.

3 comments on “Jobless Workers Find Great Careers in Nursing

  • I like your post. Good stuff.
    And I also agree with your point “The nation’s job market may be in decline, but the nursing profession definitely is not.”
    Really its a kind of profession in which there is no end……..

  • Some people are leery of obtaining a degree online. The best advice I can give is to do your homework! In other words, do a lot of research about the schools that offer programs, their cost, their affiliation and more. Nurses are in high demand, and regardless of economic status in the US, people will always need medical care. Great article and I hope more decide to pursue nursing because of it.

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